Update: Innovation Direct™ sends 3 infant inventions to industry partner…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a quick update on a situation we’d just reported about yesterday (“Update: Innovation Direct™ identifies 3 infant items to send to industry partner; searches to continue Thursday…“). Earlier Thursday, the Innovation Direct™ representative managing the Innovation Direct To Industry™ account of our West Coast-based industry partner sent him detailed design information on 3 infant-related inventions from our database. As we’d explained in previous entries regarding the matter, our industry colleague had requested this type of invention pursuant to a business relationship he has with a multi-billion dollar children’s products outfit.

As we’d explained in the aforementioned entry, our Innovation Direct™ colleague was attempting to locate additional concepts in our database that fit the specific criteria issued by our industry partner, but was unable to find any other concepts. Consequently, the trio of items was sent this afternoon for our partner’s review.

We will keep you updated on any feedback we receive, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stay tuned!


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