Update: Michigan-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company declines further interest in 2 Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, with a quick Thursday afternoon update. We have received word back from one of the principals of a Michigan-based company that is part of our Innovation Direct To Industry™ program that they have no further interest in 2 Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas they had recently reviewed the detailed design information on. We had previously reported on this situation in a March 4th entry (“Innovation Direct™ receives feedback on 12 invention Innovation Direct To Industry™ package sent to Michigan-based company…“).

Temporary obstacles such as this one are part and parcel of attempting to bring a new product idea to market and as such, Innovation Direct™ will continue undeterred in its efforts to eventually achieve licensing success with both of these inventions.

Check back later in the day for more news!


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