Update: Ohio-based manufacturer provides feedback on detailed information reviewed for school supply invention…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, International Technology Transfer’s Director of Product Licensing, back for one final update for a Thursday. Earlier Thursday, we received feedback from the Ohio-based manufacturer that had been reviewing detailed design information on a school supply invention they had taken an interest in. We had most recently reported on this situation in a January 7th entry (“Update: International Technology Transfer receives fully executed Confidential Disclosure Agreement from Ohio-based manufacturer; access to detailed design information on school supply invention sent…“).

As per the e-mail received today from the company’s vice president of Research and Development, the company has opted not to go any further with the invention for several reasons, the principal one being that they feel the design of the concept would not fit their business model at this point in time. Naturally, although this is far from the ideal response that we had hoped to obtain, we will continue striving for licensing success for this product idea with other manufacturers.

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